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About Me

Guided by a strong belief in responsible coding in both form and function.

I am Mel Kristian Cruz, a web designer and developer residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. My passion lies on simple designs, problem-solving strategies, well thought-out executions and user-centric interfaces.

My technical proficiency includes (X)HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL. I also dabble in Javascript Libraries like jQuery and Prototype. A little knowledge of MVC Frameworks helps me organize all of these elements together.

In my work, I strive for a design aesthetic that is a balance of simplicity, appealing, compelling visual elements, organization of those elements, and great content.

This site is my little space on the web. I find that the hardest client to satisfy is yourself so I'm pretty sure that you'll constantly see changes here and there.

Go ahead, check out my work or get in touch with me.

My Work

Websites have goals and I complement them with the best possible execution.

Information is important. Understanding it is even more critical. Every project starts with discovery — learning about clients, their business, users and the culture that they all function in.

Contact me

The web is about communication and interaction. Drop me a line and say “hello!”

Whether you are sending a greeting, an inquiry, a critique — anything, please do so. Feedback is almost always a constructive act. You may e-mail me directly via messages [at] melkristian [dot] com or use the form below.

Worried? Don't be. Your information will not be disclosed nor shared with any third party. Your name — especially your e-mail, will be safe.